Functional Health & Wellness

It is the cutting-edge health care that addresses a person as a WHOLE SYSTEM, instead of individual systems/areas looked at separately.  Your health care practitioner MUST look beyond just the label of the disease.  In order for the musculoskeletal system to function optimally, it must have fuel and activation, which can be summed up to these basic necessities:  proper oxygen, blood sugar balancing, nervous system stimulation, and hormonal balance (thyroid hormones, testosterone, insulin, etc).  This is vital to turn on the DNA to make every cell work!!  If the body does not have proper oxygen, balanced blood sugar, nervous system stimulation, or balanced hormones, the musculoskeletal system will not function optimally!!  Therefore, they all must be addressed and that is how we achieve maximum results…by addressing the root cause of the interference. 

We use a very simple, yet results-driven approach that seeks to remove the underlying causes for each individual’s musculoskeletal dysfunction, dis-ease process, and/or pain and inflammation. Sophisticated tools for diagnostic testing are utilized to identify an individual’s underlying causes of dis-ease – which will be different for each person/individual.  The testing is very thorough and specific.

Once the test results are received, Dr. Stone begins to design and construct a treatment plan based on the individual’s test results:  Addressing the areas that are

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