I.V. Infusions

Diet and supplement regimes that help reverse health symptoms and conditions, increase vitality, and provide patients with independent control over their health are also key points of the program. As you go through the program, optimize every system of the body so, ultimately, you can finally be healthy.

Did you know that our bodies absorb only about fifty percent of vitamins when taken orally? By utilizing an I.V. drip and bypassing the gut, we are able to ensure the body receives 100% of the essential vitamins and minerals we need.  We offer I.V. infusions specifically designed by our providers for a variety of issues:  Dehydration, feeling listless, cold or flu, migraines, hangovers, weight loss, and beauty. Our nutrient rich I.V. infusions can reduce stress, rehydrate your body and revitalize your mind.  Performed in office, I.V. infusions can be done in as little as 30 minutes as you relax in one of our deep tissue massage chairs.  Have a special event? Our cosmetic combination can restore the natural glow to your skin and leave you feeling beautiful inside and out.  No matter if you are recovering from the flu or a little too much fun the night before, our nutraceutical cocktails can help your body and mind recover fully.